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The adventures of Hocus and Lotus. 2: Stories, songs & rhymes

The adventures of Hocus and Lotus [Soinu-grabazioa]. 2: Stories, songs & rhymes / [Authors, T. Taeschner...(]. — [S. l.] : Ikastolen Elkartea, L.G. 2005
1 disko (CD-DA)(ca. 63 min)
Rat comes back.. Rabbit the postman. Postman, postma. Rabbit was a postma. Can you hop like a rabbit?. Seven days in a week. Rat comes back.(Rat's adventure). 3 little monkeys. Walking in the jungle. I'm a lion in the jungle. Five littel monkeys. Rat's adventure.(The magic feather). The magic feather. I hear thunder. It's rainning. It's pouring. There's a little birdie. The magic feather.(The frog). In the park. Little frog. You can't have a frog. Help, help. The frog.(Chocolate). I like chocolate. Chocolate on the plate. I'm feeling very ill. Who stole the chocolate from the cholate box?. Lotus ate the chocolate. Chocolate.(Travelling). I've packed my bag. Down at the bus stop. Goodbye. Travelling
DL SS 339-2005
1. Ingelesa - Didaktika . 2. Lengua Inglesa - Didáctica . 3. Ingelesa - Ikasketa eta irakaskuntza . 4. Lengua Inglesa - Estudio y enseñanza . 5. Haur-musika . 6. Música infantil . I. Ikastolen Elkartea . II. Izenburua.